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Service is one of the major differentiator's for purchasing products and is also one of the most significant influences to profitability for a company.

High-Quality Service Can Differentiate Product Offerings, Service Will help Drive the Purchase of Additional Products.

  • Whether your customer base is global or local, the keys to business growth are high quality products & high quality service and support.

  • High quality service and support:
    - increases customer satisfaction,
    - can be a source of product innovation,
    - engenders brand and customer loyalty, and
    - improves the prospects for referral sales.

  • Support - often looked at as an expense - can be a significant source of revenue, particularly as products and markets mature.

The SBS Group, through our extensive operating knowledge, "hands-on" implementation expertise and unique service products, assists small to mid-sized companies improve their service operations. We can also help them transition from a pure product based business model, to one that incorporates service and support as an integral part of its operations.

Mission Statement:
To provide small and mid-sized companies with "hands-on" service business management expertise, knowledge transfer, and service products that help them profitably manage, transform and/or evolve their current service operations and business.

As companies develop they often find themselves at the brink of a chasm that has to be crossed in order to achieve the next level in their growth. Those chasms can include the need to grow from product prototype to full manufacturing, and providing product support so that your development staff isn't answering customer calls at the same time they are designing the next generation product. The need to provide product innovation, generate customer loyalty, ensure service quality - both the reality and its perception - also has to be addressed. The next chasm to cross is to provide high quality service and support on their products through effective service operations.

The SBS Group has the expertise and products to help your company address the service issues as you cross those chasms. We are bridge builders. We'll show you how, and work with you, to put together the supports and framework your company needs to traverse what you may see as barriers to future growth and development.

Value & Advantage to our Clients
We offer a unique value and advantage to our clients, through our in-depth operating knowledge, "hands-on" implementation expertise, and can provide comprehensive expertise on how to operate effectively, profitably and with high customer loyalty in the service business and across service operations.

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Our Approach
The SBS Group believes that there are essential keys to achieving an effective, profitable and high customer loyalty service and support operation. Some of these my begin with having the right access to a set of products focused on helping improve service operations supported by extensive operating knowledge and skills.

Our approach therefore begins with our in depth knowledge transfer to your staff through our unique set of service products. These products, through a hands-on implementation principle, are designed to deliver to our clients a comprehensive method that helps them address their critical service and support operational requirements. They range from developing sound Product Service Plans to coaching and mentoring their teams. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable approach is to help and support our clients.


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