Executive Awareness Seminar

This two-hour seminar covers the value of PSP and how it benefits the organization, the product and the customer.   This fast paced tutorial provides the management team with an understanding of PSP the process and how to implement the function to gain maximum value.


  • Define Service Planning and its Role in the New Product Development Process
  • Understand the Structure of the New Product/Service Development Process
  • Awareness of the Best Practices of Product Service Planning
  • Understand the Concept of Increasing Costs, Higher Profitability and Its Implications for the New Product/Service Development Process
Seminar includes such topics as:
  • The Product Service Planning Process
  • Benefits of a Product Service Plan
  • Elements of a Product Service Plan
  • Best in Class Qualities of the Product Service Plan
  • Identifying The Service Environment
  • Setting Service Delivery Objectives And Strategy  
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Practices


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