Product Service Planning Course

This one or two day course provides the appropriate personnel with a fundamental understanding of the product service planning process, the key elements of a service plan and how to manage the planning process.   Attendees could use the outline provided to build a basic product service plan and associated project plan.    

          Day 1

  • Define Service Planning and its Role in the New Product Development Process
  • Understand the Structure of the New Product/Service Development Process
  • Learn the Best Practices in a Product Service Planning
  • Understand the Concept of Increasing Costs, Higher Profitability and Its Implications for the New Product/Service Development Process
  • Learn How to Identify, Develop and Foster a Product/Service Development Team
  • Review All Sections Included in PSP

    Day 2
  • Develop initial phase of a product service plan
  • Develop initial phase of a project plan

Course includes such topics as:

  • Service Costs
  • Service Margins
  • Contract Documents
  • Business Process
  • Marketing
  • Impact on Operations
  • Support Process
  • Operational Support Plan
  • Beta Testing


  • Information Requirements
  • Product Supportability
  • Enhancements
  • Service Supply Chain
  • Training and Documentation
  • Product Repairs, Enhancements, Upgrades
  • Obsolesce and End of Life


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