The Opportunity

High-Quality Service Can Differentiate Product Offerings, Service will Help Drive the Purchase of Additional Products

  • Whether your customer base is global or local, the keys to business growth are high quality products & high quality service and support.

  • High quality service and support:
    - increases customer satisfaction,
    - can be a source of product innovation,
    - engenders brand and customer loyalty, and
    - improves the prospects for referral sales.

  • Support - often looked at as an expense - can be a significant source of revenue, particularly as products and markets mature.

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Products & Services

  • Product Service Planning Courses
  • Facilitation Services Product
  • Services Readiness Review Product
  • Coach / Mentor Product


Service is one of the major differentiator 's for purchasing products and is also one of the most significant influences to profitability for a company. Hence developing and implementing an effective Service operation, with its supporting processes, will have a considerable impact on the overall success and profitability of a company.

The SBS Group strongly believes that a seamless service experience for the customers starts by developing and implementing a sound and viable Service Plan for each product. This plan must contain all of the end to end elements of a service business and must describe how each will be implemented.

Product Service Planning Training Courses

Product Service Planning is Important to Your Company

Facilitation Services Product

A customized service for our clients that will help facilitate such activities as, the

  • identification,
  • definition, and,
  • implementation

of their service planning and service projects requirements.

Service Readiness Review Product

The effectiveness of your company’s customer service and support operation is an important part of its quality image.  The SBS Group, through its Service Readiness Review product, will help you evaluate the current state of your service operations with respect to that target.

Coach / Mentor Service Product

As your company’s customer service and support operations are implemented and mature, you may need periodic assistance in reviewing your progress toward goals, or just have a sounding board to use when considering alternative solutions to issues. You may need the help of an experienced, knowledgeable service expert to coach or mentor a team or a staff member who may be working on a service project or a specific component of your service business or operation.

The SBS Groups “Coach/Mentor Service” can fill that need.  The transfer of knowledge from experienced service business professionals, available to assist you as you need it, when you need it.


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